A Deadly Way to Make a Living: The Lamentable Fate of Chung Ling Soo, Marvellous Chinese Conjuror
A talk by Brian Lead at the Bradford Magic Circle

7th February 2019

Reviewed by Ray Roberts


On a cold February Friday night when the south of the country was blanketed with snow, I made the fifty mile round journey to Bradford, where the Bradford Magic Circle was holding its AGM. This was followed by the inauguration of our incoming President, professional entertainer Simon Hannah, who in turn introduced British Ring President Brian Lead. Brian started with a short promotion of the British Ring, before going on to the talk itself.

Brianís talk was without doubt a work of love and devotion, which he delivered at perfect pitch to an audience listening to every word. It was an in- depth insight about the facts, fiction and myths surrounding Chung Ling Sooís death. There was factual evidence from the doctorsí post mortem report, coronerís conclusion, and tape recordings of witnesses. It was like listening to an Edgar Lustgarten Scotland Yard TV drama from the sixties describing some Soho murder. Like any sudden unexpected death, it posed more questions than answers.

All present were given a colour brochure for reference and to keep. It was a very interesting, entertaining and thought provoking lecture providing much discussion among the members. If anyone reading this has not yet informed their Entertainment Secretary about this unique opportunity, then I strongly recommend you do so and book Brian for his talk as soon as possible.

© Ray Roberts, February 2019




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