Dave Gemmell Lecture
Portsmouth & District Magic Circle

1st June 2009

Reviewed by Clint Barron

On Monday 1st June we were treated to and evening of Dave Gemmell's latest material. Those who know Dave will know that this is an opportunity not to pass up! His professional working experience and knowledge are something to grab a hold of and squeeze as much juice out of as you can!

We were presented with a selection of workings and routines from his 2009 Lecture Book, as well as from his upcoming book "Pasteboard Adventures". This latest work primarily focused on packet effects with regular playing cards. It covered a selection of transposition and sandwich routines, amongst others. All the effects require NO gaffs and are pure, easy to learn, KNOCKOUT routines requiring minimal sleights, if any. Even those without a card interest are sure to find a few things of use as there were a number of self working effects.

One thing that shines through in this lecture is that everything is structured around routines that will work out there in the world.

His 2009 Lecture Book features a foreword from none other than Peter Duffie, a credit to the quality of Magic enclosed and is currently being sold on Lybrary.com for $20.00 (around 13.50) and can be found below: www.lybrary.com/david-gemmell-m-13404.html

Dave is currently offering his lecture to UK magic clubs and can be contacted at david.mindreader.gemmell@googlemail.com.

Clint Barron, June 2009