Dov Citron’s Lecture – ‘What a Character’
Watford Association of Magicians
October 2012
Reviewed by Julie Carpenter

If you are looking for a lecture on children’s magic and want something more than just routines book Dov Citron’s Lecture, ‘What a Character’.

Dov is a professional entertainer with years of experience. He is confidant and clear on stage and gives a full and entertaining lecture.

In his lecture he talks about creating characters in a show. A simple change of a hat or coat can change who you are performing as. He goes on to demonstrate the fun you can have when you double up and work with another entertainer and using a colleague he performed a brilliant Silver Sceptre routine. He is also a great puppeteer and brings Scorcher the Dragon to life and animates him with great comedy. Dov has worked in many holiday parks and so has a repertoire of games and activities – such as the ‘toilet roll’ game and spinning plate games that pack small, play big and fill time.

The second half of the lecture is a performance of Dov’s unique bubble show. This is highly skilled and a pleasure to watch. From tiny smoke volcano bubbles and foam towers to giant 'stand in the middle' bubbles, Dov knows his craft.

© Julie Carpenter, February 2013