Gary Jones at The Society of Dorchester Sorcerers
25th November 2007
Reviewed by Matt Wainwright

I decided to make the 2.5 hour trip down to Dorchester on my own. With the International Magic Convention on the same day, I couldn't get anyone else to join me. Having heard so much about Gary, I couldn't miss out!

The day started with coffee and biscuits at 10am, Gary just popping in to check how long he had until the start....!!!! With the bar open already it was time for Gary to kick things off............ Gary got the ball rolling with his approach to groups in drinks reception environments. He uses a fantastic routine making coins go to the spectators pockets repeatedly! Gary uses a bold and cheeky method, and I can imagine this being a great way to let a group know the you are the magician, and grab their attention instantly!

Next I think we were treated to one of the most magical and visual 3 fly effects out there. Coins were produced, then travelled from hand to hand before finally disappearing. Gary uses a gimmick which isn't expense and most of us own, with that I'm sure this will become a favourite for all those that had the pleasure of learning it on the day.

Then came a sponge ball routine, with a nice twist on the climax..... meaning you don't end up picking 10 sponge balls up off the floor, and it amplifies the magic in their hands (again!). Gary also shared his great 6 cards to pocket routine with added touches to make this a real killer routine. Gary gave us all some extra tips on palming which tied in well with his original presentation of the ambitious card classic, where the magic is out of control and seems to be happening all by itself! It also has a nice double signed card at the end, and with a Omni deck finish ....well what can I say!

After Gary's lecture, we all shot downstairs for chips and beer for lunch. After that the afternoon continued in a very relaxed and informal way with small groups working on effects; Gary helping whenever need.

Christopher Williams appeared to give Gary a well earned brake! Chris performed and talked us through several of his favourite card effects.

Gary went on to a very surprising and strong finish for any finger ring and string routine. This really played well and caught most of us in the room judging by the round of applause! Gary then ran through a very clean Oil and Water sequence, one I will be learning from the notes and using for sure!

I'm sure that I have forgotten to mention some other fantastic points, but with the whole day crammed with laughs and magic, I was bound to miss something! I do remember Gary's awesome two marketed effects 'Duality' and 'Out of Sight Out of Your Mind' being performed. I already have these and know how strong they play, so to see Gary and a few subtleties to the effects will make them play even stronger next time I use them.

The day officially finished off about six (ish), but as soon as the room was tidied and cleared, it was down to the bar for more! I unfortunately had to leave for the drive home, but I have no doubt that the magic was still flowing well into the early hours! Thanks to Bryan and everyone else involved in making this such a valuable day for all those that made it. And of course to Gary for giving so much, and making it an unforgettable, enjoyable session.

Here's to the next one then!

Matt Wainwright, December 2007