Gary Jones Lecture

Farnborough Association of Magical Entertainers
March 2015
Reviewed by Phil Sweeting

Gary Jones has been off the lecture circuit for a few years, but we were delighted to see that he has lost none of his touch when he came to FAME this month.

The evening was filled with wonderful magic - with cards, coins, cups and balls - new ideas, old ones revisited and everything in between. Gary is a generous, funny and self-deprecating man and instantly has everyone on side. You can tell that the stuff he teaches has been road-tested in the real world - and the lecture was full of little practical tips and advice. As the old magic books used to say (does anyone speak like this any more?) “no pipe dreams”.

One of the things I love about Gary’s magic is the careful routining and the built in misdirection. He had lots of helpful advice on that - and almost every routine had something to teach on the subject. Some of the moves are very bold - but they work.

There was everything from absolute self-workers (including some of the effects from the fabulous Automata DVD) to some more sleight-intensive ones - but there was genuinely something for everyone - and people’s appreciation of the quality could be seen in the way his DVDs were flying off the shelves.

The top tips section contained some wonderful real-world advice, and he also ran through some very funny sight-gags. The time flew by and we wished he could have stayed for longer. I believe he’s working on a new lecture - so look out for it - coming to a magic club near you soon. You won’t be disappointed.

© Phil Sweeting, March 2015