Geoff Newton's Mathematical lecture

Derby Magic Circle

August 25th 2010
Reviewed by Stuart Brown

Our President, Neil Spencer, welcomed Geoff Newton, Life Member and Past President of The Order of The Magi who visited Derby from his home city of Manchester to show that to perform magic with numbers you do not have to be a mathematician. This was his lecture on what he topically called Mathemagic. With advanced notice being given to members to bring along a calculator, pen and some paper we were all armed and ready for a good evenings entertainment.

From Magic Squares to predictions all using simple and easy to follow mathematics Geoff showed with his gentle and easy to follow style how simple tricks that usually ended up with any old number answer that didnít really mean anything could easily be altered to finish with a meaningful answer such as someoneís birth date, phone number, the date of the event etc.

Geoff even showed how a simple mathematics trick that is often found inside Christmas crackers can be altered into something that is both mystifying and entertaining. This showed that just because a tricks origin comes from a readily available source doesnít mean that without a little alteration it canít be used.

A fun collection of number tricks and interesting items and ideas to ponder over that Geoff had collated from many years in the magic business. An enjoyable evening was had by all.

If you are looking for a lecture that is not only different but has items that you can and will use then look no further than booking Geoff for your club, you will find several ideas and routines that you can do immediately, I know I did!

© Stuart Brown, August 2010