George Kovari Lecture

15th October 2009

Reported by Nick Brown


This was a lecture with a difference and it was a great evening as a result. Very rarely these days do we get such an inspiring talk from one of the elder statesmen of magical entertainment. There was very little of the 'here's a trick, here's how it's done' style of lecture instead we were treated to an entertaining walk down memory lane of the career of one of most creative magicians of the last 50 years.

The lecture included TV and film footage of George's performances as well as feature film clips where he advised and devised performances for the actors and anecdotes and reasons for the way he arranged the shows the way he did. He also showed us a few of the tricks and props he has invented over the years, if he had shown us everything we would have been there for a week and still have been entertained.

George Kovari is the newly elected president of the Mystic Ring Magic Club in Dunstable so this was his first President's Lecture and I for one hope it's not his last.

Nick Brown, November 2009