Grant Maidment Zoom Lecture
Hull and Leeds Magic Circles
April 2021
Reviewed by Ray Burrell, Secretary of Hull Magicians' Circle

Hull and Leeds Magic Circles recently had the pleasure of a zoom lecture with Bath Magician Grant Maidment. Grant has been a full time professional since 2014 and he presented a smooth and confident variety of very effective routines from his 2 DVD set “Frenetic”, and a couple of additional routines which are not on the DVDs.

His routines were all hard hitting, easy to understand workers which have been tried and tested in the real world with quick resets. You know you can’t go wrong when a magician has been mentored by Gary Jones!

He opened his lecture with his signature routine “Your Signed Card” which has previously been a very worthy single trick release. Other highlights included his Shrinking Pen/Jumbo Coin routine which is a mini act of pure eye candy, without being overly difficult. “Overkill” seamlessly and logically combines several plots in a way which is entertaining, easy to follow, and amazing. His favourite card opener is a solid 2 card transposition, his Monte pen knives routine exploited the full potential of this prop, and his routine based on Jay Sankey’s Killer Key extended the original with a logical and clean ending. His in the hands sandwich routine was another solid gem without being knuckle busting.

An impromptu routine with a phone, keys, and an envelope is based on a Wayne Dobson routine, but Grant has streamlined the handling, and as most of the objects are borrowed it can be performed at those times when someone says “Show us a trick”.

He finished the lecture with his Star Sign Deck which he said gets him repeat bookings and it was easy to see why.

Overall, Grant presented an eclectic mix of routines with cards, coins, keys, envelopes, pen knives, phones, and pens which had something for everyone, and Grant was generous with his time to go into as much detail as was needed in his explanations and to recap anything that needed further explanation. Grant was friendly, approachable and he included lots of advice, bits of business, crediting and anecdotes.

Highly recommended for both his lecture and his DVD set.


© Ray Burrell, Secretary of Hull Magicians' Circle, April 2021