Harry Robson Lecture
Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians
Wednesday 20th October 2010
Reviewed by Chris Congreave

Last night I went along to Wolverhampton Circle of Magicians to see Harry Robson give a lecture, I have to say straight away that I that I thought it was an absolutely brilliant night! What I was most interested in was seeing what another working magician performs, not only did Harry "tip his mit" but he kept all of the members entertained with some of his true stories of things that have happened over the years. This was pure gold, as not only were they very funny, but we all learned something from the benefit of his experience, I certainly won't ever look at the thought transmitter in the same way again!

As far as the tricks went, they were all workers! He showed a nice clean way to control a card, a fantastic handling of Richard Sanders "Interlaced", a superb card to wallet, his handling of Ettiene Pradier's card in bottle was fantastic (he didn't teach the card in bottle, just showed a few modifications that he has come up with).

At the end of the lecture Harry demonstrated his marketed effect "Yesterday's dream" and said that it was really best as a small cabaret/parlour piece, I agree completely, and it is something I will be definitely getting and adding to my set soon.

To finish he demonstrated a poker deal routine that he uses as a "callback" routine, any working magicians will know what I mean by that, you have done all of the tables and someone says "show us one more" well this was great, entertaining, great hook, funny and EASY to perform.

I would recommend Harry's lecture to anyone if you want to have an enjoyable entertaining night at your society.


Chris Congreave, October 2010