Jack Delvin lecture
York Society of Magicians

13th August 2008

Reviewed by Rex Stott

There was a very good turn-out of our members for Jack Delvin’s latest lecture, Jack’s Magic. The audience was significantly enhanced not only by visitors from the Harrogate, Hull and Scarborough local societies but also by several members of the soon-to-be-established York Society of Young Magicians’ Group. Jack enthusiastically welcomed these youngsters as you’d expect with his long commitment to Junior development. He soon had the audience amused and amazed, taking us on a walk down magic’s memory lane which started with his own early days as a young magician and then on to his involvement as manager of Ellisdons. In 1950 he attended his first convention as a dealer, demming his own item The Pearl Necklace Mystery. He proudly told us that he sold a great many and in particular one to Robert Harbin! The evening flew by as Jack regaled us with priceless anecdotes from his vast range of magical memories. He also found time to show several of his own creations – A Clear Case of Just Chance, Ropes in Sympathy, some excellent mental items, a cut and restored skipping rope and a sympathetic silks routine of which Paul Potassy would have been proud. All the items were very reasonably priced with some under £10. I was delighted to part with a fiver for Eric Bailey’s Double Your Money – an excellent routine for our old friend the paddle trick.

As he demonstrated these items he took time to point out to the audience some handling tips which were pure gold dust - the result of a very extensive performing background and an eye for practical details. Jack also gave a master class on how to handle the young volunteers from the audience. All the experienced magicians there went away with several good ideas but to the York Young Magicians attending their first ever lecture I’m sure the evening will provide an inspiration and source of advice which they will take with them on the road to magic. A thoroughly enjoyable evening and one that I can unreservedly recommend to other societies.

However, it would be remiss of me not to point out that one of the largest bursts of applause during the evening came at the end when Roy Marsh, Jack’s friend and associate from the Bexleyheath Society, made a large backdrop/screen suddenly collapse. Further details can be found via Roy and Jack’s company at www.designfordeception.com.

© Rex Stott, August 2008




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