More than just magic - the JezO experience!

The Pentacle Club
Reviewed by Alan Maskell

The lecture at this weeks Pentacle Club meeting was member Jeremy Bond - JezO - who gave us a great evening on working for children, families and more!

JezO is not a standard children's magician but a performer and entertainer, with an emphasis on the latter, who understands children, what makes them laugh and what mystifies them too.

With some great insights into the practical side of entertaining and selling yourself as the performer rather than the presenter of a series of tricks, Jeremy explained the reasoning behind the effects he does (and doesn't) use and how he adapts standards to his style of performance, for example multiplying milk bottles and the obedient tin of beans! His use of Ralph the (Rocky) raccoon has grown, becoming a feature of his stage performance which now culminates in Ralph being part of a death defying classic illusion that has to be seen to be believed!

During the course of the evening all present were entertained, challenged and given food for thought, as well as some very useful ideas and gags! Soon to be seen as Silly Billy in Jack and the Beanstalk at Harlow, a new departure for Jeremy, I would recommend him for any club that would like a fresh take on entertaining in the real world.

Alan Maskell, November 2012