John Carey lecture
South Staffordshire Society of Magicians (3SM)

20th October 2008

Reviewed by Craig Petty

I had heard of John before this lecture but never had the pleasure of meeting him before – I am glad to say that this has now changed. John comes across as someone who thinks about his magic and the effects that he performs. Each and every routine was well structured, great impact and above all entertaining. The best way to describe the lecture was like a machine gun. Rather than 3 or 4 effects explained and demonstrated John fired effect after effect after effect at us in quick succession meaning that if there a particular routine you were not personally into there would be another routine a few seconds later that probably would take your fancy. In all honesty the scope and depth of the man’s material amazes me. Although the lecture was heavily card based there were a few coin items thrown in as well which I really appreciated (thanks John!!). Let’s have a look at the items John lectured on:

One Coin Routine – John opened with a very nice one coin routine with some really visual moments. The routine ended with a jumbo coin production. This one was a real worker. I especially liked John’s coin production using Michael Ammar’s Wiped Clean Transfer – GREAT THINKING.

Slow Motion Collectors – After a bare handed pack of cards production John went on to perform the routine I know him for, his Slow Motion Collectors. I first learnt this routine off the session DVD and it is great. I perform two versions of collectors this and one by Paul Gertner and I really believe this is better and probably the best Collectors routine since the original.

Card and Number Revelation – John then went on to totally fool me with a card and number revelation where he cut to the number of cards I was just thinking of. Apparently this is based on a Paul Cummins routine and I am sure more people will be using the breather crimp thanks to John’s great routining.

John then went on to perform a really commercial routine done totally in the hands where half the cards are face up and half face down. A card is selected from the face down packet and held by the spectator and it invisibly flies into the performers half (reverses of course). This was also a really great routine and as I said – totally commercial.

Everybody’s Oil and Water – This routine was BRILLIANT and my favourite card routine from the evening. Just six cards, no gaffs, no extras and really baffling. I think I was not the only person at the evening who thought so based on the applause he received.

Triumph – I have three or four Triumphs that I use so did not really get anything from this routine but it was very nice especially the subtlety of riffle forcing a reversed card to prove the decks condition without saying so – great thinking again by John.

Triple Inpurseination - My favourite routine of the night was a coin item (no surprise there then). This routine is BRILLIANT. The effect combines spellbound with a coin flurry and a coins to purse as well as a coin production. It has an instant reset, the routine is examinable at the end and has so much magic hitting the spectators over and over again. If you have a chance to see John perform make sure he shows you this routine, it’s a killer.

Copper Silver Transpo – This reminded be of a Tommy Wonder routine but with streamlined handling. John’s had some really funny lines for this routine and the effect was a worker as well. Another great coin item.

Thought of card Revelation – The spectator thinks of a card and thinks of a number and the card is reversed that many cards down in the pack. This effect could sell on its own for £10 to £15 easy. Very, very strong.

John also spent a lot of time talking about culling and the various effects possible with the cull. It is obvious that John uses this move a lot in his professional work and it shows.

Overall a great lecture. John is a great guy, very down to earth and was not afraid to roll his sleeves up after the lecture and go over the stuff again and again. If you can get hold of John’s lecture notes do so. A lot of the material he lectured on is in there and it is the best £5 you will ever spend. I would not like to be the next lecturer at the 3SM – he will have a lot to live up to.

© Craig Petty, October 2008