John Carey Lecture
Hull Magicians' Circle

25th February 2010
Reviewed by Richard Morrell

John has a certain knack of creating material that is not only well in reach of the average card-guy but is powerful, commercial, short and packs a punch. John is well known on The Second Deal and Magic Pebble Internet forums, where he generously shares his routines, and he is now rightly getting a wider audience on the UK Magic Club Lecture circuit.

John started his lecture for us with a coin trick, Triple Impurseination is a clever triple-spellbound change based on a James Lewis idea. This was given the Carey treatment, John has the ability to simplify a routine, without losing any of the magical impact, a hallmark of his inventions.

Then onto the pasteboards, taking us through a master-class in Culling and The Breather Crimp, John used these along with other simple sleights to create some powerful magic. Counting on You, is John's variation of a Paul Cummins routine that takes this trick in a mental direction. Bal-do-cci as I Bal-do-cci was one of many variations John has on the one deck do-as-I-do plot, and a worthy, simple and effective addition to this genre. John then showed us Speccy does the Biddle, again an almost self-working trick but coupled with John's thinking and presentation, lifted it into a performance piece.

John started the second half with a coin trick, his One Coin Routine is an amalgamation of several productions and vanishes, and makes an effective opener. John's Slo -Mo Collectors is somewhat of a signature piece, and never fails to get a good reaction, as it did here. John then showed us two variations of Dai Vernon's Out of Sight Out of Mind, which are so good, I wish I could keep them to myself, if you see John get him to show you his latest version which is so simple, yet deviously clever! Finally John teased the crowd by showing his WTF interchange, and said he would explain it if we had him back, which I hope we can!

If you are looking for a fantastic lecture, which is not a dealer-dem (John did have his excellent Spotlight on Carey DVD for sale) and contains practical, usable, easy, commercial workers, thoroughly explained then look no further than booking John for your club, you are bound to walk away with several ideas and routines that you can do immediately, I know I did!

Richard Morrell, March 2010