Keith Bennett Coin Lecture
Zodiac Magical Society
June 2013
Reported by Russell Levinson

Keith Bennett entertained the Zodiac Magical Society on 12th June 2013 with his excellent lecture on coin magic.

He began with a smooth three coin production, moved into a Three Fly; Coins through Table; and Spellbound with variations, including a sucker ending with two copper coins. I particularly appreciated his practice notes for the Han Ping Chien move.

Next came a Hopping Half routine, designed to be easy for the most inebriated of party-goers to follow, with a jumbo coin climax.

After this, a demonstration of the cigarette through coin, and excellent tips on the Retention Vanish, Drop Vanish, Shuttle Pass, Kaps Subtlety and Ramsay Subtlety.

Jack Chanin’s ‘TV Surprise’, a repeat production of coins from a silk, with a jumbo coin climax, was a lovely number for table-hopping and children. A one pound coin routine gained additional impact from the use of a shell.

I also enjoyed his 3 coins through the table, with a glass through table finish and many useful tips on this classic effect.

He demonstrated the variety of Flipper coins available, and the TUC coin, valuable tools for the coin man’s arsenal.

Throughout we appreciated his dry humour, natural performance style, and thorough crediting. He brought along a great selection of Tango coins together with coin magic DVD lectures and had good deals on offer to the participants. The lecture was well attended and followed with close attention by club members.

Highly recommended.


©  Russell Levinson, June 2013