Keith Bennett Misdirection Lecture
Northamptonshire Magicians Club
September 2013
Reported by David Miller, President of Northamptonshire Magicians Club

Having previously enjoyed Keith's coin Lecture, we had him return on the 17th September with his new Lecture on misdirection. It was enhanced with many effects that were fully explained and he demonstrated to us a variety of ways to distract our audiences in order to fool them, this he did very well and looking back on the Lecture I realise just how much I actually learnt from him as he showed us many different ways to divert attention. There was something for everyone amongst the effects demonstrated cards, coins, silks, sponges and a billet prediction.

A Lecture DVD was available for only 10, or his complete package of DVD, Booklet, and several effects for only 20 was a bargain. I've come away from many Lectures with nothing, but after this one my head was full of ideas and improvements to make to my performance of magic.


Highly recommended.


  David Miller, September 2013