Kenrick 'Ice' McDonald Lecture

Guild of Magicians Nottingham
15th May 2003
Reviewed by Freddie Wilkinson

It's not often I write reviews on magic lectures but just lately the standard has been so high that I have felt compelled to put pen to paper. And just like the number 42 bus, you wait around for ages and then two come along at once, well all most. The first one being Ian Rowland (see recent review) and the second being Kenrick 'Ice' McDonald with his "Show Know No's" lecture. Or as it should be called "Lets Kick Murphy's Butt" I will explain why later.

Ice as he likes to be known comes from Los Angeles and was for many at the Guild of Magicians Nottingham a new name to the world of magic, although any dove worker will no doubt have come across his beautiful bird act at some point. But don't worry this wasn't a dove lecture, trick lecture or glorified dealer dem, but instead a fantastic evening full of good sound advice regarding some of the common and not so common pitfalls of magic.

Ice set the tone for the evening by stating that this was a lecture designed for magicians who are serious about their art. Which it was but put over in a fun and entertaining way. In fact it's hard to do justice as to how good a lecture this was or be able to mention all of the subjects covered, so instead I will list some of the key points of the night.

Development Of An Act
This included what image are we trying to put over to an audience, also the fact that too many magicians now use the Microwave magic technique. Which simply means we all go straight to performing the latest effect with little or no rehearsal. Which Ice said is the equivalent to magical treason.

Practice Habits
This included tips on video taping your act from all angles and leaving nothing to chance. As Ice mentions the one thing that hates magic more than anything is Murphy's Law and it's our job as magicians to kick Murphy's butt before it kicks ours.

From the moment you arrive at your show you have an image to live up to.

Magic Ethics
His views on ethics are too long to go into but certainly struck a chord with all attending, and should in my opinion be announced before all magic conventions!

So there you have it, even if you feel that you know everything you could possibly know about magic, still try to catch Ice when he next visits as his passion for the art of magic is electrifying. Sadly Ice is almost at the end of his UK tour with I believe only Newcastle left on his schedule. So for those unfortunate not to have seen him let's hope that one of the big British conventions book him for a full lecture and Gala show appearance soon.

Freddie Wilkinson - President Guild of Magicians Nottingham, May 2003