Lee Hathaway Lecture

The Anglian Magic Society
November 2022

Reviewed by Steve Majes MMC, Secretary of The Anglian Magic Society

Lee has been a very busy working magician for many, many years, and he still loves it! Sometimes when your passion as a teen amazingly becomes your job you can become disillusioned over time. So how has Lee stayed at the top of his game, and happy? All is revealed in his lecture and new book "Happy Busy Magician".

When you meet Lee you are instantly drawn into a comfort bubble of humour, magic and friendship. He wears his heart on his sleeve and that heart and passion is giving you a great and memorable time. In the lecture Lee explains his experiences and philosophies while performing and explaining magician-fooling and public-loving magic.


Some of the effects, like finding two cards removed and pushed back in the deck while your back is turned, are amazingly simple and fly over most people’s heads. With other effects, needing a little practice, like Lee’s version of the Anniversary Waltz. Lee did ask "why does anyone need another Anniversary Waltz?" lol, however, I love the version Lee has created as it builds up so well to the final reveal. There were also gambling effects and a children’s routine inspired from his early years selling magic in Covent Garden.


All in all a very well rounded lecture with humour, fun and magic for everyone. Lee’s book is also a great read, it has short easy to read informative chapters and gets straight to the point. The points he makes are worth their weight in gold! Also, I do like a book with no fluff. It’s not a "learn tricks" book, but it does have one effect detailed and that is Lee’s Anniversary Waltz.

If you do get a chance, see the lecture, get to know Lee, then buy the book, equally acceptable in reverse order!


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