Liam Ball Lecture

South London Magical Society
February 2024
Reviewed by Simon Rosselli

The title of the Lecture was “Rings, strings, wallets, cups, and other thoughts” and the synopsis was a Magic lecture for magicians, by Liam Ball - The Gentleman Magician. A lifetime of passion in the magical arts, and decades of hard-earned knowledge was laid bare. A litany of hard hitting, direct magical effects, and the thinking behind them, along with a few impromptu pieces that you can do with items around you, that will have a high impact, and minimal preparation.

Simply put, it didn’t disappoint.

Liam started off with his Chop Cup routine that was a joy to watch and extremely well executed. He said he was going to wait to the second half to explain the workings of it when he would go into the workings of it and his thinking behind it.

We were all then given paper napkins and taught not only how to make a paper rose but also how to make it smell like a rose! This was very interactive and had the whole club engaged in learning something at the same time.

Liam then went into his workings of coin and glass through the table which again was detailed and well described and included how to make a coin come up through the table.

Before the break he showed us his ring on ribbon the ring finally appearing in a wax sealed envelope inside a nest of leather wallets that had been on the table the entire routine. After the break he broke down the handling, which included three very nice moves with the ring on ribbon and also his detailed workings on the wallets and the construction of the wax sealed envelope.

We were then shown Liam’s Trio of Equivoque – with a dice, a chosen card and some random coins. This was a nice easy routine, which had some wondering how he had done it. It was also a method for him to write down predictions, which were handed out in advance and became business cards for spectators to take home.

To finish up with we went into the workings of the Cups and Balls, which was broken down move by move and again something for everyone that already has this in their armoury or for the complete beginner.

Afterwards he had some lecture notes for sale. Being the perfectionist that he is, The Gentleman Magician didn’t just produce some bog standard lecture notes. It was a 42 page booklet, printed on carded paper, with full colour photos and illustrations on his breakdown of moves and handling and loads of QR codes which took you live performances and step by step moves. There was also additional material included on things he hadn’t got around to in the lecture – such as Invisible Deck.

I know a couple of people that bought these lecture notes not just for the information inside but because of the thought and time he had put into creating such a document.

Highly recommended if you are looking for a new lecture for your club.

© Simon Rosselli, South London Magical Society, February 2024