A Lecture by Magic Dave
ACE Performers in Airdrie, Scotland
10th November 2011
Reviewed by Peter Kinney

Dave Allen aka ‘Magic Dave’ performed his new lecture at ACE Performers in Airdrie, Scotland on Thursday 10th November. The lecture was a mixture of close up magic and his Multi awarding winning children’s act together with the technology he uses in his shows.

The lecture comprised of Magic Dave performing some routines with explanations and a question and answer session following. His enthusiasm whilst performing continually shone through. It’s easy to see why he is one of the UK's top children’s entertainers.

The star of the show has to be ‘Daisy’ The Supercow! Dave’s ability to bring her alive is testament to his excellent puppetry and ventriloquism skills. Daisy is involved in a few very funny routines and the by-play with the audience is superb. I’ve seen Magic Dave numerous times and I never tire of watching him. Mixed in with the puppetry was a bit of close up, in particularly a torn and restored card to spectators hand with baffled many an audience member!

On a personal note the part of the lecture I found most interesting was the technology he uses. He has gone so high tech using the very latest state of the art technology. To control his music he uses an iPad 2 with Bluetooth connection to his speaker which means of course – no wires. He had a hand in producing the app he uses to control his music which has large visual buttons for the iPad. The iPad is actually built into his roll on case, which was custom made especially.

All the Information about everything he uses including his back drop, his amazing speaker system, microphones, puppets, the clothes he has custom made, right down to the special app games he created himself can be found in this lecture. He provides websites, lecture notes and of course DVDs of his shows, from which some of the routines Daisy performs are taken from his latest DVD ‘Partytime 2’ available from www.magicroundabout.net/shop.


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