Marc Oberon Lecture
South Staffordshire Society of Magicians
September 2013
Reviewed by Ian Brennan

South Staffordshire Society of Magicians was very pleased to welcome Marc Oberon to kick start our season with his lecture. Marc demonstrated a wide range of his latest magic and held no secrets back, including his new effect, Clean Cash; The Master Deck; and the ever popular Mental Epic pad.

Marc was a true gentleman and spent time answering club membersí questions and performing his routines several extra times for those who may have missed it at first.

The principle which had club members talking the most was his latest concept and collection of ideas called Way Out. Way Out, as Marc explains it, is a method to predict a spectatorís free choice out of 3, 4, 12Ö up to 52 objects! Marc demonstrated how this principle could be used in a whole variety of routines: When a playing card was called out his written prediction matched perfectly. Club memberís star signs were predicted and Marc could also predict which name would be chosen out of a range of 12. This principle alone is worth going along to his lecture.

If you havenít had chance to see Marc lecture we would highly recommend it.

If you, or someone you know, is in the West Midlands and into magic feel free to head along and join us for more magic and lectures at South Staffordshire Society of Magicians,


© Ian Brennan, September 2013