Marc Spelmann
At The Ipswich Magical Society
3rd July 2006
Reviewed by Simon Shaw

I think everyone will agree with me when I say that Marc Spelmann has an excellent and very well respected reputation in mentalism and indeed magic communities. However, his lecture at the Ipswich Magical Society on July 3rd 2006 was always going to be a bit of an unknown quantity as this was (as far as I know) the first time he has given a full lecture to a magic society.

Well fear ye not because it was a truly spellbinding and rewarding experience. If you have already met Marc, you will know that he is a very easy going sort of person who genuinely loves his magic. More than that though he is in my mind a very talented and creative performer whose head is filled to the brink with ideas.

What Marcís lecture was not was just a dealer dem. In fact even though Marc has an excellent set of DVDs, plus numerous effects/tools out in the market this was most definitely not why he came to lecture at Ipswich. In fact, he didnít even have his lecture notes with him which actually was a huge shame as I believe he would have sold a set to most people present. Incidentally, if you were at the lecture, Marc assures me that these will be available soon.

The lecture also wasnít just a show a trick, explain a trick type of an affair. I mean he did show tricks, obviously he did, but the emphasis was on discussing them in great detail. Dissecting them in fact, explaining his thought processes and giving us all insights into the little nuances and subtleties that everyone who performs knows makes all the difference.

At many lectures the speaker will offer to answer questions and yet for whatever reason no one from the floor will say a word. Well this wasnít to be the case with Marc Spelmannís lecture, in fact at times it felt more like a full blown workshop than a lecture. Perhaps this was due to the fact that we had the likes of professional mentalists Philip Escoffey, aka The Gray Man and Doug Segal in the audience (to name but a few) but I think that even without them it would have been a very lively evening.

The only bad thing I can possibly say about the lecture is that it had to end at 10pm. Marc was only just starting to warm up by then and it was obvious that he had so much more to say.

Since the lecture I have been inundated with requests from Ipswich Magical Society members saying that we should get him back again to give the second half of the lecture and these arenít just the mentalists in the society either, the ďmagic boysĒ were just as vocal.

Marc Spelmann is a very charismatic person who is without doubt a skilled magician and mentalist that has a lot of interesting ideas to share. If that isnít enough reason to book him for a lecture then I really donít know what is.

When we do get him back Ė and it will be when and not if, then the only thing I will insist on is that he comes to the pub afterwards so we can continue the lecture there.


© Simon Shaw, July 2006