Mark Leveridge "Leveridge Legerdemain" lecture

The Bristol Society of Magic
10th April 2024
Reviewed by Paul Preager

The material for Mark’s latest lecture Leveridge Legerdemain is drawn from his vast ‘E-Club Pro’ resource library of videos, lectures and published magic, built up over several decades. Consequently there was a wide variety of magic on offer that would suit everyone from the working magician to young newcomer. It’s also all with items most magicians will already have or can easily make up.

Close-up, mentalism, parlour shows and strolling magic were all catered for by magic with cards, coins, finger ring, sponge ball, magic square, as well as a couple of entertaining anecdotal disaster stories under the heading “It Could only Happen Live” another section of his E-Club Pro resource. Both stories showed the sort of things that can happen when working in the real world and how you can still survive.

Mark has a great knack of making his methods very accessible thus making the magic suitable for every level. He also tackles some of the classic plots like Any Card At Any Number and provides a very practical solution as shown with his Simplex ACAAN routine that started the evening off. Mark’s ball and glass routine offers something different to do with a sponge ball and a glass that will fool magicians and lay people alike.

Mark is also clever at borrowing well known methods for new routines like his “Free Choice” which used the 10-card poker deal to allow the spectator to separate red cards from black that had an unexpected kicker ending. A well-known coin penetration of a handkerchief was also used for a clean coin transposition from handkerchief to coin box.

The Amazon Predictor made for a great parlour routine where the spectator is able to predict the book that Amazon will send to him which he has been holding in an Amazon box the whole time and his Perfect Tuition used a great method for allowing a spectator to make sure their most trusted person ends up with the right envelope, a routine that has great potential for other presentations.

There’s other prediction and card routines as well all making for a varied evening of magic ideal for enthusiasts, workers, and newbies. Mark explains everything in detail and a video of the lecture is available as notes weren’t on sale. Everything was well thought through and original with Mark. It should suit any magic club very well and provide plenty of material for members to use for a range of audiences.

© Paul Preager Hon Secretary Bristol Society of Magic, April 2024