Martin Cox Lecture
The Watford Association of Magicians
5th of July 2011
Reviewed by David Milne

Martin Cox is in high demand as a magical entertainer for adults and families. His home is the stage, and a crowd to be entertained. He travels the world as both “Martin Cox” and as “Mister Biscuit”, the character that he uses for his family shows. Mr Biscuit always includes pieces for both the young and the old.

Martin’s latest lecture is called “Four”, and comprises of sections on: close up; cabaret; children's; and finally the tricky art of scripting magic.

Martin entertained the club with his insights into some of his favourite pieces: card to pocket; tightrope; bucket head; the watch steal; and of course the cup and ball. It was an action packed performance with a fantastic mix of advice, anecdotes and amusing stories.

Martin is an absolute master of card magic, but entertainment is his long suit. To Martin, magic without humour is like Christmas without Santa. The invisible scripts, for his magic, have been crafted and honed with “funnies” and entertaining “bits”. His lecture was no different, and it was a great evening.

Highly recommended.

© David Milne, July 2011