Martin Peirce Lecture
The Merlin Magical Society
7th September 2023

Reviewed by Michael Wysockyj

I am a member of the Merlin Magical Society in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. We have just (Thursday evening the 7th September) enjoyed a very entertaining, informative and all-round-satisfying lecture by the inimitable Martin Peirce. It was a lecture packed with commercial magic with clever non-intimidating methods that are suitable for all skill levels.

What was presented was a collection of routines that were cranked high on the entertainment value scale. It wasn't a lecture for those obsessed with knuckle-busting moves. But it was a lecture for magicians interested in methods that leave you with plenty of head-space to focus on presentation and entertainment. It was just under 2-hours of close-up, parlour and stage magic but to be honest it could have gone on for another hour and it would have maintained my interest. The time just flew by. Martin is a full-time pro magician so the stuff he teaches works in the real world.

And there was a great back of the room stall where you could buy tricks and books by the man. This was a lecture full of the most accessible material I think I have ever come across. See him if he is lecturing near you. You are guaranteed to be inspired whatever your style of magic happens to be. Ten out of ten!

Michael Wysockyj (Voodoo Mick), September 2023