Matthew Garrett lecture at the Riviera Circle of Magicians
May 2010
Reviewed by Graeme Vanstone RCM

Our May meeting was one that will be long remembered thanks to the excellent quality of our guest speaker Matthew Garrett. All too often speakers fail to deliver the goods, but not this time.

We entered our meeting room to find the stage set with backcloth and side screens bearing enlarged photographs of Matthew in performance.
Each routine was performed, and followed by the explanation which was clear and thorough. Previous experience has shown that often some members find material which is irrelevant or too difficult for the less experienced. Mathew's explanations made us feel that we could perform these effects. His approach was to encourage us to substitute our own sleights or simpler handling to obtain the result; a positive and welcome approach.

There was no padding out, waffling or dragging out of an effect endlessly, and no hiatus whilst a speaker strives to recall what comes next! The presentation was utterly professional, as was Matthew's smart appearance.

Many magicians deem it necessary to indulge in suggestive innuendo, profanity or telling worn out unfunny gags, but here was a total absence of anything which could cause offence or make one feel awkward.

Matthew's lecture was full of good advice, performance tips, tips on marketing for both close-up, cabaret and children's entertaining. All sound commercial advice to achieve extra bookings.

The lecture culminated with an impressive display of card manipulation to music.... an absolute joy to watch and a brilliant finish to an informative and enjoyable evening. Thank you Matthew.

Graeme Vanstone RCM, June 2010