Michael Vincent’s Tapestry of Deception Lecture

February 2008

Reported by Glen Neckles

Winchester Magical Society started 2008 with a bang. The members and guests were treated to a unique magical experience from one of the world’s leading sleight of hand artists.

Michael unveiled his recently updated ‘Tapestry of Deception’ lecture to an eager audience. Having seen his excellent lecture in 2007 I thought I knew what to expect but his new material and method of delivery resulted in a whole new learning experience.

Michael’s introduction outlined his objectives for the evening, which was to entertain, inform and inspire, and he certainly scored on all counts. The Tapestry of Deception is a unique lecture format comprising of stunning routines, insightful Keynote/PowerPoint presentations and his personal thoughts and experiences.

Members were treated to Michael’s interpretation of some classic routines that included The Card to pocket, The Coins Through Table and a Signed Card effect that was worth the price of the lecture on it’s own. The routines were carefully selected to illustrate key points from the presentation such as timing, body language, rapport and the main crux of the lecture: audience attention control.

Having sat through too many ‘look how clever I am now buy my product’ style lectures, I found Michael’s refreshing in its approach and meticulous in its delivery. Michael invites the audience to elevate their magic and become part of the chain of excellence. His focus is clearly on how wonderful our magic could be if we considered some key principles and not on displaying his own considerable talents.

Is the Tapestry of Deception for everybody? Probably not, but for the professional or amateur magician who wants to gain a deeper understanding of their craft Michael provides a working template that can be applied to any routine for life.

I would imagine that Michael may have to consider hosting one or two-day seminars to enable select groups to fully explore the wealth of information contained in the lecture.

Overall, a wonderful lecture from one of the magic world’s great thinkers.

© Glen Neckles - Winchester Magical Society, February 2008




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