Murray! Houdini! Escapology & More - Michael Diamond Zoom Lecture

Anglian Magic Society

August 2020
Reviewed by Steve Majes

Members of the Anglian Magic Society had a fantastic evening, via Zoom on 19th August, in the company of Michael Diamond. Michael presented revealing facts and fascinating stories about escapology and its legendary performers as well as techniques, the equipment they used, and its relevance to escape artists today.

Iíve been a practising escapology hobbyist since my teens and was totally captured, no pun intended, well maybe a little. I know Michael as a skilled and very knowledgeable performer having seen him perform and chatted with him at conventions over the years, but having this quality time online, to see that fire of passion behind his eyes and the joy at regaling these well researched stories and events was totally engaging. Like a detective building up to a reveal, Michael painted a picture you couldnít take your eyes off.

Michael displayed various handcuffs and restraints from his collection along with the evolution and techniques of escaping from them, he also revealed the misleading information laid down by many books of incorrect methods and told the story of the famous "Mirror Cuffs". After a short break, we got down to the nitty gritty "The life of an escapologist", what they go through, the rivalry, how to deal with the unexpected and their fight against fraudulent mediums (as opposed to the real ones). Many more subjects were covered and before we knew it over two hours passed by in a flash.

I really can't compliment Michael enough, this was one of our standout lectures of the year and I would highly recommend Michaelís lecture to every magic society. I know there was so much more Michael wanted to talk about and inspire us with, and that will be a much welcomed sequel.

© Steve Majes MMC, Secretary of The Anglian Magic Society, August 2020