The M.O.T. Lectures
The Order of the Magi, Manchester
Tuesday 25th February 2020
Reviewed by Jonathan Royle

This entertaining, educational and eye opening evening was entitled 'The M.O.T. Lectures' as each letter of M.O.T stood for a different area of Magic. Namely: Maths, Office & Tarot.

Each section was presented by a different Magi Member, Maths Magic by Geoffrey Newton, Office Magic by Mike Sharples and Tarot Magic by Stuart Cassels.

With visitors only having to pay a nominal 5 to attend, I can honestly say that this was an excellent value for money evening of varied magical insights, which most certainly contained something of interest for everybody.

Geoff presented and explained several effects using mathematical principles, one in particular, his 'Just Chance' style effect where 6 people each randomly choose an envelope and you are guaranteed to be able to control who gets the one containing the prize (that could be you if you so desired) was, and is, one of the best versions I have ever seen. Easy to perform and ultimately truly impossible looking to any audience member, a real worker than I will most certainly be adding to some of my future live shows.

Next up Mike Sharples shared easy to do yet highly effective and powerfully impactful tricks using bits and bobs that you would find in most offices and office environments such as paperclips, business cards and envelopes. In the main these were impromptu tricks which could be performed "off the cuff" with the exception of one that takes just a tiny bit of preparation but is well worth it as the final effect is one of the cleanest and fairest looking Book Test mind reading routines that you will ever witness, and one that I certainly will make use of at some point.

Finally Stuart Harrizon Cassels treated us to his thoughts and ideas on using Tarot Cards in magic, with several entertaining and powerful ideas demonstrated and then explained, including his "Tribute to the Late Psychic Medium Derek Acorah" which rightfully drew smiles and giggles from many in attendance.

His method for adapting the old classic "Poker Players Picnic" into a way to reveal somebody's apparently merely thought of person's name is a real "worker" and one that like so many other things during the course of this evening, I shall be adding to my own live performances at some point in the future.

Overall an excellent night of varied magic which sadly flew by so quickly leaving us all wanting more.

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Jonathan Royle, February 2020