Mr Sam The Magic Man Lecture - What I Do and How I Do It!
The Anglian Magic Society
11th July 2023

Reviewed by Steve Majes

Sam, aka Mr Sam the Magic Man, presented an absolutely fabulous lecture for the A.M.S. last night.

I have to say that Sam is probably the most creative thinker in childrenís and family magic that I know. Itís fascinating to see how Samís ideas develop, working them in during his professional shows and tweaking them until they play perfectly with an audience. Most magicians would be keeping this performance gold to themselves, but Sam is so generous and likes to share his ideas.

Last night we had full working magic comedy routines, with great looking and fun props, clever utility devices for magical and comical happenings, and plenty of advice when building your own props. Sam had something for everyone one, and kept nothing back, showing us in detail how all the devices and props work. There was definitely no padding in Samís lecture, itís quite amazing and awe-inspiring the amount of new material he creates.

At the end of the lecture Sam had a few if his creations for sale and video lecture notes. The video lecture notes are great value and a great resource, a brilliant and well produced visual reminder, with performance details for the props and routines.

Sam is not only a creative bloke, heís also a very talented entertainer, so the night was full of laughter and plenty of banter amongst old and new friends. If you have never seen Sam lecture, and you are an entertainer looking for new material and inspiration, then this is definitely a lecture to watch. Thank you Sam for a really fun and inspiring evening.

© Steve Majes MMC and Secretary of The Anglian Magic Society, July 2023