Myles Thornton's "Myles Per Hour Lecture"
South London Magic Society
4th February 2020
Reviewed by Simon Rosselli

Myles opened the lecture with some contact juggling which got our attention and said he would come back to it at the end.


He then spent some time showing us is ring routine "Every Day Carry" which included the ring jumping back to your finger, multiple times, then it switch places with a pen, it disappeared and then appeared on the pen. He also showed us other things to do with a ring when it became stuck on his finger and in the process of trying to get it off it jumped multiple times from finger on his opposite hand, and a routine "Back in Time" where the ring went back in time to the magician's finger where it had begun. There was also a muscle pass with a big difference. Some really clever, good ideas of what you can do with a ring but also very visual, quick and hard hitting.

Afterwards he showed us a few of his "Fun Ideas" which included a Colour Changing Sharpie, The Business, Mind-Reading Delight and Squeak which was a way to entertain kids (and adults) at weddings.


He then showed us his Full Circle which was a Coin Routine and where the coin ended up where it had started in a purse in his pocket (hence the title) but then other coins came into play as well. During the routine he taught a simple click pass, a false count, a Himber count and a hanging coins sequence.


To finish with he showed us more contact juggling which included Impromtu Float, which by using skills from contact juggling, you were able to make a wine glass float.


The whole evening was well thought out with something for everyone - from the finger flickers to the children's entertainers, so everyone went home happy. He was also kind with his time afterwards and gave a very good deal on his video downloads from the lecture. Highly recommended.

Simon Rosselli, February 2020