Nicholas Einhorn Lecture

I.B.M. Ring 202 (The Magicians' Society - Malta)
6th October 2020
Reviewed by Vanni Pule’


We had been trying for months to find a date for Nicholas Einhorn's lecture in Malta. When we finally settled on a date, we had to postpone because of the Corona Crisis. Actually, we postponed twice because flights had become erratic and quarantine became a possibility. Finally, we settled on a Zoom online meeting. This was not the same as 'live' one, but we couldn't miss the opportunity that we had, as part of the project supported by the Project Support Grant of the Arts Fund of the Art Council, Malta.

Nick's lecture was full of gems. There was something for everybody, from mentalism to ideas for kids' show. But more than the material itself, which was superb, it was the little details that mattered. They were not just ideas but whole routines with the smooth way props are introduced at the beginning and a very clean ending. Each move was refined to look logical and each sequence had a series of surprises that took the tricks to a new level of artistry. Personally, I already had some of the props but seeing him performing them again was a pleasure and an inspiration.

Among the highlights, at least, for me, was the production of coins before a matrix and a ring and shoelace routine ending with the ring inside a nest of bags. The elevated dice matrix was another hit as was his card routine ending with a rainbow climax. Although, some of the items required purchasing of props, Nick did not conceal anything and most of the material shown could be made up by the average magician.

© Vanni Pule’ B.A. (Hons), M.A., M.I.M.C. President The Magicians’ Society I.B.M. Ring 202 (Malta)