Oliver Graham Lecture “The F Word”

The Anglian Magic Society

20th March 2018

Reported by Steve Majes MMC, Secretary, The Anglian Magic Society

I’m sure Ollie won’t mind me saying that the “F Word” stands for “Family”. Straight off the bat I have to say that this was one of the best lectures I’ve seen on the subject of family magical entertainment. Ollie was fun, informative and full of routines that you could put straight into your show. Ollie did mention that most of the routines still feature in his act and I’m not surprised as they play so well.

Ollie has a philosophy that I totally agree with; the magical entertainment should be amazing, engaging and play not only to children but to teens and adults, in this way drawing everyone in to watch and enjoy your show. Ollie delivered routines and experienced professional techniques that really captured and pushed this message forward, all presented in a very entertaining and fun way.

To mention a few of the routines: Ollie did a fabulous large ring on rope with a young volunteer, it was lively, clever and so much fun to watch with some great tips for us to use. A lovely fun slant on the card to mouth effect, with us all wanting to go and buy a leaf blower lol. Also, add to the shopping list, an indoor flying drone!


Ollie uses a lot of popular objects in his magic and steers well away from the usual magic props associated with child and family entertainment. There was so much in the lecture, from amazing magic to mind reading, and the time just flew by! If you are a working family entertainer or cabaret performer this is a lecture you will love to see, with routines you will use... and if you're not, you will have a fun and very entertaining evening. Win/win!

© Steve Majes MMC, Secretary, The Anglian Magic Society, March 2018




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