Olly Graham: The "F" Word

The South London Magic Society
8th January 2019
Reviewed by Simon Rosselli

On Tuesday 8th January The South London Magic Society had The F Word Lecture by Olly Graham (F standing for Family). Olly has been the resident magician at Elveden Centre Parcs for a number of years. His goal is not just to aim at entertaining the young children, but something that will appeal to all ages including teens and adults, and trying to get them on-board so his magic has to appeal to all ages.

He showed us a number of routines which included Ring to Gumball, A balancing act with a chair and a ladder, and Little Squirt, Ollys take on Confabulation. After the break he showed us some other effects which included an invisible deck using a drone, a leaf blower which was used on the audience, to find a card in a giant balloon and finally to swirl paper around in a pop-up tent, which then had a name of an animal which was already made into a balloon. Some really great ideas and sales of Drones and Leaf Blowers have already made some people's shopping list today!

He also talked about First Impressions, Language, Foto Opportunities, Being Fun, Funny and Fooling and not to forget the Finale (to go out on a big impression).

Whilst there were a few bits and bobs for sale this was definitely not a dealer dem and Olly was more than generous with his time, answering questions, sharing info and helping people with handing, moves, etc. after the lecture, and giving info about where people could source things. We normally finish at 10pm but were there till almost 11pm. Wonderful way to start the New Year. Now off to research Blowers and Drones.


Highly recommended, as it had something for everyone.

Simon Rosselli, January 2019