Paul Gordon lecture
January 2009
Reviewed by Graham Harper

Paul Gordon, accompanied by his charming wife, presented his brand new lecture at the invitation of Notttingham Guild of Magicians on January 15th.

Paul, master of the devils picture book, truly had a huge impact on a transfixed strong audience including visiting guests - such is his reputation. Most of the routines demonstrated were performed with a normal deck, don’t worry though there were one or two routines for those of us who still prefer packet tricks or like to “cheat” with the odd gaffed card. Paul really does have complete mastery over paste-board management at table level or outspread hand level if strolling. He really is a modern day Svengali (pun intended!!).

This lecture is full of remarkable routines, coupled with excellent explanation and exceptional clarity. Silence at points in the lecture did not signal indifference on the part of the audience, but genuine amazement, and let’s face it that shows true skill when faced with hard-bitten magicians, we are after all the hardest crowd to please.

The lecture was massively entertaining, educational and inspiring. Some of the moves shown were, at their highest, requiring medium skill levels and “Knuckle-busting” was, thankfully, conspicuous by its absence. This is a brilliant lecture which club secretaries should book without delay.

© Graham Harper, January 2009