Paul Gordon Lecture
Anglian Magic Society, Norwich

18th January 2011
Reviewed by Steve Majes

As our members arrived Paul was chatting and preparing quietly for his lecture. Once he was officially introduced his passion and enthusiasm for his art came flooding through the audience in waves. This was a marathon of a lecture with something for everyone and had even our die hard card performers watching with jaws dropped. The amazing thing was that these jaw dropping, audience tested effects, were easy to do and in some cases self working!

Paul is a great teacher and conveyed everything in his lecture in a concise and friendly manner. At the same time he kept the expert card guys captivated with extra subtleties, simplified moves and stories from his real life card work, with real live people!

Paul has created over 800 card effects in his career, and probably a few more since the lecture. And he can remember them all! This was another great part of the evening, explaining his techniques for remembering the tricks along with the people he meets. This he explained generated extra bookings just for remembering and taking an interest in the people you entertain.

In his lecture he explained many stunning effects, the simplicity of them was amazing! He also kept us guessing with a few! These you could buy after the lecture. Paul presented many, super commercial, effects. With many of our members snapping up Paul’s DVD sets, each containing 30 or 40 effects! There were many highlights in Paul’s lecture including the “Corner of Piccadilly”, a four card monte that made sense and packed a punch. “Oil and Water Rainbow”, the classic effect with a real ‘multi punch’ ending. “‘Sexy Men”, “Lottery Prediction” and “Head to Head Poker”, all from his new Blockbusters with Cards DVD. And he left us with his famous “Easy Ace Estimation”, as Paul says it’s easier than you think cutting to the aces.

What a great lecturer, highly recommended. If you weren’t into cards before, you will be after seeing Paul Gordon!

© Steve Majes, January 2011