Paul Megram – It’s all about the Tricks
South London Magic Society

4th June 2019

Reviewed by Simon Rosselli

On Tuesday 4th June South London Magic Society had Paul Megram's brand new lecture – his last lecture was all about the business (PA systems/branding/advertising etc.) – this time “It was all about the tricks”.


Paul has won “UK Children’s Entertainer of the Year” twice and is a British Magical Champion and it showed time and time again throughout the lecture with his timing and presentation. Most of his tricks are aimed at trying to get the adults on board and for this reason it was a really “family entertainment lecture”. Covered numerous tricks including Phone (foam) Smash, a wonderful juggling trick with three bowling balls, ring to nest of dolls, £20 note to KitKat, a photo opportunity with a spinning plate and many more.


On our request he also did something for the close-up workers in the room, which was a bill to Lime with no Thumb Tip in sight and a card trick – so there really was something for everyone. He also showed us a “Do as I do” trick from his book and finished with a “Custard” Pie routine using a change bag. He did have a few bits and bobs for sale afterwards but was definitely not a dealer dem.


Paul was very kind with his time and although finished at 10pm he stayed almost about an hour afterwards talking to people and showing how by adding music to routines it really brought them to life.


Highly recommended for any club looking to have a lecture on “Family Entertainment” that covers all the bases.

© Simon Rosselli, June 2019