Peter Arcane lecture
Medway Magical Society
1st November 2005
Reviewed by Doug Segal

This was far and away the "lecture I have taken most away from." It has knocked even Chuck Hickok's wonderful "Mentalism Inc" lecture into second place.

It contained a lot of wonderful ideas, thoughtfully put into context, but it also covered two very important and under-lectured real world thoughts:

Peter covered the notion that all his props had to have at least three things he could do with them.

All effects in a presentation should proceed in a logical manner - not just follow one after the other.

I'm a huge fan of both these ideas and was thrilled to hear someone else espouse them.

I came away from the lecture buzzing with ideas, Peter's variation on the Tossed Out Deck is was worth the price of admission alone. It's: Disarming, cheap and easy to manufacture, direct and best of all doesn't involve cards it's going straight into my next cabaret show.

Peter demonstrated some excellent work on both the Progressive Anagram and the Memorised Deck moving both concepts on and making both idiot proof.

Peter is clearly a man who practises what he preaches and is (dangerously) in love with mentalism.

I was delighted when he stopped someone from buying a manuscript from his dealer table on the grounds that it was "too hard core" for the prospective buyer I was less enamoured when he wouldn't let me buy another book because "this is all close-up you won't use it" but I knew he was right.

Overall this is a very well thought out lecture with loads of real world thoughts and ideas to get your own brain fizzing - Book his lecture for your club now!

Doug Segal, November 2005