Steve Dimmer Lecture
The Anglian Magic Society
September 2014
Reviewed by Steve Majes

Steve arrived early and happily chatted away to the early arrivals as he set up and even in this pre-show mode he was relaying fun stories and experiences from his work.

Steve dived straight into his lecture with a brief introduction into his wide world of talents in magic and entertainment, from close up magic and children’s entertainment to after dinner speaking and cabaret Steve had a lot of real world experiences to share with us.

As well as many tips and hints there were some great, very practical, magic effects too. An Etch Sketch revelation of a chosen Disney picture card was Steve’s first effect, which could be adapted and changed to suit many occasions or themes, followed by another where a “freely” chosen toy figure, from a pile of figures, has it’s picture magically appear printed on a white handkerchief that was previously blank.

Steve’s children’s magic uses items that are so familiar to children and creates a fun interactivity even before the magic effect has started. A great effect for a princess party, a large bag with pictures of princesses on is full to the brim with the most popular princess plush dolls, each doll is named by the children as they are taken out and piled up in the child’s arms. The dolls are placed back in the bag and the child is asked to point to their favourite princess on the front of the bag, the magic spell is cast and when the dolls are taken out of the bag one by one the chosen princess has disappeared! She is found, after searching, at the back of the room or behind a curtain. This is a great item to impossible location effect for children.

There were many more effects for family and adult audiences one using plastic food items, another with a Thomas the tank engine impossible transposition, Lego bricks that built themselves under impossible conditions, a 52 card monte where the spectator keeps finding their own chosen card, a James Bond themed mental magic routine resulting in several freely chosen items forming into (transformer style) the chosen item and finally a Russian Roulette routine using water pistols. This last routine had the whole society aiming their guns at Steve.

There was so much more that Steve served up along the way in this culinary delight for the professional entertainer, it was a great lecture and I’m sure that everyone who attended will be using something that Steve presented.


© Steve Majes, September 2014