Steve Price at the Mahatma
11th February 2010
Reviewed by Rick Tynan

Thanks to all the members and their guests who attended our first lecture of the year. We filled the room and made sure that Steve felt very welcome.

Steve (AIMC) is a hard working professional magician who specialises in stand-up and cabaret and regularly travels a two-hour one-man show to a variety of venues and audiences. Steve is based in the South but is energetic and willing to go anywhere in the country.

Steve’s talk was entitled Not How but Why and he was extremely generous in sharing his own take on a number of classic effects including the hydrostatic glass and multiplying bottles. Steve also showed innovative versions of several effects such as the invisible deck (with the chosen card appearing in a balloon) and Russian roulette with eggs.

More importantly, Steve revealed the reasoning behind the construction, patter and staging of the individual tricks and their role in the act as a whole. The tricks are highly visual with plenty of lighter moments to entertain the audience. Steve also had a range of top quality props for sale at extremely reasonable rates. Thanks to Steve for a highly enjoyable as well as useful evening.

© Rick Tynan, March 2010