Steve Short Lecture

The Dennis & Jean Collins Memorial Lecture at The Pentacle Club
Reviewed by Alan Maskell

I have known Steve as a professional performer for more years than I care to remember - during which time he has been a successful children's entertainer, (as the original Steve Sausage), corporate magician, co-author of the David Nixon book, and theatre tour performer, (Henry's cat etc.); more recently establishing himself in north Lincolnshire as Billy Biscuit in a return to children's shows, where he presents the full party.

Like his shows, the lecture was split into two halves.. In the first half Steve went through the games and activities he does, his use of music, (we all enjoyed the pointing song!), how to keep all the children included all the time by avoiding elimination games, ideas for prizes, the hows and whys of putting it all together and his ideas about costume/dress. All his paraphernalia for this was carried in one small box and Steve showed how quickly he could clear to be ready for the magic show during the tea.

The second half of the lecture featured the show itself, which also was contained in one small box, which was certainly a case of 'packs small - plays big'! Steve went through several routines with lots of audience participation, including his 'Old MacDonald's Farm', discussing the reasoning behind the effects and the ways to engage the children, adding tales of his experiences and influences. Large amongst the latter were former Pentacle Club members the late Dennis & Jean Collins, (Uncle Dennis and Auntie Jean to so many children), particularly relevant as this was The Pentacle Club's first Dennis & Jean Collins memorial lecture.

In all an excellent evening on entertaining children which included magic as part of the whole with many useful tips on the complete party and, as such, recommended.

Alan Maskell, October 2012