Thom Peterson gives the first Joan Burford Memorial lecture at The Cornish Magical Society

October 2015
Review by Brian Adams

A good turnout of members welcomed Thom Peterson to the Cornish Magical Society on Sunday 18th October when he gave the first Joan Burford Memorial Lecture. Joan had been a long standing member of the Cornish Magical Society, was a past-president and served for many years as the society’s treasurer. The society are using a bequest left to them in her will for an annual lecture in her memory.

Thom gave a very full and entertaining lecture which the audience thoroughly enjoyed. Thom is known for his humour and consummate magic skills both of which were used throughout his new lecture. He started with his favourite openers for stage/parlour (“Cheers” - the production of a lemon followed by the production of a glass of lemon drink complete with ice cubes) and close-up (“Kapow” - the production of a coin and its transposition to a large coin). As with all the effects in Thom’s lecture, these were from his working repertoire and were explained in full detail. These effects were followed by “Tomato” his opening effect for when working restaurants – quick and funny.

Thom then performed and explained his great effect “Killer Spoon”. Although this was available for purchase on the day, Thom gave a full explanation as to how we could construct the gimmick ourselves. This was followed by “Revenge of the Spoon 2.0” which is a great follow up to “Killer Spoon” although either effect can be worked alone. Thom closed the first half with “PMD” a coin through deck routine which is extremely effective.

The second half of the lecture was just as full and detailed as the first and it was evident that Thom was having a good time. “Walk around Williamson” is Thom’s take on a David Williamson effect which sees the Magician find the wrong card and, having torn it up, then finds it has changed to the right card after all. A rapid restoration of the torn card makes a neat end to this impressive effect. “Wise Quack”, based on Al Koran’s famous Medallion effect, is an amusing presentation using a yellow plastic duck! “Rock, Paper, Rabbit” was used to show off Thom’s skill at one-handed Origami – or rather lack of skill! This is another amusing routine ending with a nice memento for the magician’s assistant. The lecture closed with “Fishy Tail” which brought back memories for some of us of the days when it seemed all sets of Christmas Crackers had a fortune telling fish.

The Cornish Magical Society would like to thank Thom for a great lecture and are pleased to announce that he will be the cabaret artist at their annual dinner on March 19, 2016.

© Brian Adams - Past President of the Cornish Magical Society, October 2015