Tom Wright Lecture
Blackpool Magicians' Club
Tuesday, 11th July, 2017
Reviewed by Quentin Reynolds

My first thought was, ďDo I really need to see a lecture by someone who thinks itís a good idea to have his seated-at-tables audience members stand up to watch?Ē

I did go and quickly realised that Tom Wright is a ďworkerĒ.

The first half covered the varied methods he uses in animation, floating effects, and psychic touches. Itís obvious Tom has put a lot of time and effort into working these out and overcoming the challenges many magicians have with these type of effects. A very clean Haunted Deck that happens on the hands of a spectator stood out, as did the easiest method Iíve come across for tying bands of elastic thread.

After the break Tom shared a nice bit of business that leads into a bottle production, a clever use of the Coin Unique, a powerful card transposition, some interesting and simple card controls, a thoughtful and motivated approach to the Card From Mouth, and how he handles Alan Hudsonís Chop Glass (the best incarnation to the Chop Cup Iíve seen) all presented with detailed thought on how the effects are perceived by the audience. Tom shared many of the gags he uses and how to set them up for maximum reaction.

He finished with a discussion on Stand Up Table magic. As mentioned in my introduction, this is something I was pretty sceptical about. Tom related how it came about and the ten benefits from it. He made a lot of sense and shows how someone like me can be prejudiced to trying a novel idea.

Overall I really enjoyed the evening and Iím very glad I went. Itís always a pleasure to see a working pro share their thoughts, ideas, routines, and most importantly, why they do what they do.

© Quentin Reynolds, July 2017