Tony Griffith Lecture

Society of Irish Magicians

October 2009

Reviewed by Joe O'Donnell, Society of Irish Magicians

Following hard on the AGM we enjoyed a delightful couple of hours in the company of Tony Griffith. And I can think of no better company in which to pass a couple of hours.

Tony packed an amazing amount of material, information, tips and incisive asides into his time. Although he kept insisting that his material might not appeal to the finger flingers in the audience, it was obvious that the broad range of material presented appealed and impressed all. Here was magic from a seasoned pro, every effect honed to maximum effect. And what a range of material we got. There were card effects, ropes, mentalism, silks and even a puppet made on the spot from silks, a white glove and a polystyrene ball. The finished puppet – called Handy – bore a strong resemblance to another puppet – BOSCO - well known to a certain generation.

Among the post-lecture-for- sale items were Tony’s three books collectively entitled REFLECTIONS. They are chock full of great magic, some of which we saw on the night, plus thoughtful pieces on everything from Marketing to Dealing with interruptions.

If you missed picking up a truly wonderful bargain, go now to and fix yourself up with enough solid workable material to last you a lifetime.

© Joe O'Donnell, Society of Irish Magicians, October 2009