Tony Griffith Reflections Lecture

York Society of Magicians
May 12 2010
Review by Rex Stott

The York Society of Magicians started its 2010/2011 magical year with Tony Griffith’s Reflections Lecture. What a fantastic start it turned out to be! His opening item Silk ‘N Sorcery set the standard for the whole evening. This three-phase routine started with the flash appearance of a silk on a rope, its subsequent release once it had been securely tied and finished with a very funny silk- though-body sequence. Tony then not only meticulously explained the working of the routine but shared the thinking which underpinned it. He emphasised that he hoped his verbal instructions were sufficient to enable people to go and perform the routine but he did also make reference to the notes which accompanied his lecture. In Final Reflections, the third of a trilogy of notes, there are 10 pages of instructions containing 23 line drawings just to make sure that this sequence is fully explained.

This set the pattern for the evening – a very professional and accomplished performance of a routine, a detailed explanation, all underpinned and reinforced by excellent notes. You couldn’t help but learn from this born teacher. Other rope routines were explained, followed, inter alia, by the multiple location of previously selected cards, gambling routines, and elements of mentalism and the evening ended with a performance, demonstration and explanation of Handy, a DIY puppet.

At the end of the lecture Tony did a very brisk trade with his well-produced one-trick items which he had earlier performed. A real bargain was his much-acclaimed three-volume Reflections series. These contained not only explanations of all the items demonstrated but also words of wisdom about trade-show, corporate, close-up and other areas of magic and even practical advice about which glue to use to make a thick card! But, for me, one of the real gems contained in these publications was a considerable number of his excellent Magic of Science experiments.

The sustained applause at the end of the evening was evidence of how much our members had enjoyed the whole evening and I can do no more than urge magical societies to put Tony Griffith’s Reflections Lecture in their programme. Our members will testify that they are glad we did!

© Rex Stott, May 2010