Vinny Sagoo's Magic & Mentalism Lecture

The Order of The Magi, Manchester

17th October 2023

Reviewed by Jonathan Royle

If I start by telling you that at the end of this lecture I walked away (as did many other Magi Members and visitors to the event) with a Neo-Magic Tote Bag packed with magic and mentalism tricks, and even a book on Maths Magic & Principles containing links to numerous training videos, then you may well be able to predict correctly that I and everyone else in attendance truly enjoyed this lecture.

Indeed I was not alone in finding this lecture, which consisted of performances and explanations of many original tricks and highly original slants on old ideas a night to remember and one full of practical hard hitting, easy to follow and truly memorable routines as I noticed the vast majority of those who attended also eagerly grabbed everything they could get their hands on from Vinny’s Neo-Magic back of the room dealer stand.

The opening was a mathematical routine that will make you look like a true mathematical genius able to do lightning calculations in the form of quadrant divisions. Trust me when I tell you everyone gasped in amazement in the room at how rapidly Vinny was able to do this mind-blowing calculation with 6 randomly chosen numbers. Witness this routine and even those usually against performing "Maths Magic" will love the simplicity of performance and method, which combined make this a reputation making routine.

The Perfect Match is a coincidence routine where ultimately cards match and a prediction on a matchbox shows everything was pre-destined making this ideal for performances at wedding events at the happy couple's table and a must-have for events around Valentine's Day.

Will Our Minds Merge is a variation of Larry Becker's "Make the Cards Match" routine whereby there is also a hard hitting and unexpected prediction effect built in as well as a twist on the usual coincidence effect of the cards matching, despite the random way they are mixed along the way by one or more spectators.

Ultimate Princess was Vinny’s variation on the classic Princess Card Trick where one card is mentally selected and this merely thought of card then magically turns over before then turning blank before seconds later each and every card in your hand turning blank on both sides. Again this is another routine with massive impact and really easy to perform.

Connected is the perfect Every Day Carry (EDC) being a small plastic card that can be carried in your wallet enabling you to read people's minds and reveal the random object they are merely thinking of with absolutely nothing written down at any time. A very nice use of a very old often underrated principle in magic and mentalism.

Along the way hints and tips were shared including a handling of the Optical Count that makes it way more convincing in my opinion and then we were treated to Ouija, a routine where someone just mentally thinks of a question to ask the Spirit World and without anything being written down you are able to miraculously give the person a reading and reveal the exact thing they were thinking of. Anyone who does readings of any kind will find this invaluable to add to their arsenal and indeed all magicians and mentalists will soon discover that for the right audience in the right place this looks and feels like real magic.
Finally Vinny, who is both an excellent creator and performer, but also a great easy to understand teacher of all his creations of which every single one he showed us was a true workers gem, treated us to Supernova.

This trick is loosely based on Roy Walton’s "Oil & Queens" routine but takes things oh so much further, with so many unexpected twists and turns along the way that arguably this may well be the most impactful, amazing and multiple effects combined into one packet trick that I have ever witnessed. Yes, it uses an Elmsley Count, Hammond Count and Optical Count, so will take a little practice but the effort will be more than worthwhile as this combines Oil & Water type visual effects, with Sympathetic Cards and several highly visual hard-hitting endings that hit like unexpected exploding stars... hence the name Supernova.

Vinny Sagoo presented The Order of the Magi members and guests with a lecture containing absolutely no filler with not a single second-rate trick in sight.

I can honestly say it is extremely rare that I have attended a lecture where I find that each and every routine shared is both practical, deceptive, entertaining and truly commercial on all levels, and yet that is exactly what Vinny Sagoo delivered and as such I would unreservedly recommend you check out his Neo-Magic line of original effects and get him booked to lecture for your Magical Society and/or Convention.

This lecture was packed with Pure Gold.

© Jonathan Royle, October 2023