Wayne Dobson Lecture

ACES Magic Society

10th September 2008

Reported by Nicky Moon

After an absence of quite a while, Wayne Dobson was warmly welcomed by members of the ACES Magic Society in September. Wayne was joined by Marianne and Louie the Yorkie who made himself at home. It was lovely to meet them too.

Wayne, who is one of the most down to earth and warm people I have ever met, joined an intimate gathering of professional and hobbyist magicians to share his love for performing and show us a few magical miracles along the way.

Sharing secrets is something most magicians do but Wayne proved he is totally un-precious about his routines. His ability and skill, although a little hampered by his illness, are still as sharp, as is the renowned wit of this talented performer. His honesty about the condition which has changed the way he works was truly admirable. He shared with us Echo assisted by President Martin and Second Chance and had bought these along for sale. With Chairman Dave’s help, the pom-pom stick patter was very good indeed, but it was a shame that Patrick really couldn’t see the invisible table for the invisible deck routine, although his invisible shuffling was excellent!

Tom, who had travelled from London to Lewes for the evening to join us, was delighted to meet Wayne having heard so much about him from his parents – I think Wayne’s got yet another new fan.

One of the funniest moments was when one member asked about his friendship with Joe Pasquale. The tales of toilets in Las Vegas had everyone in stitches.

It was a delight to learn about his favourite performance at The Royal Variety and tales of Richard Ross and others who have inspired him along the way together with those who haven’t! The “How to deal with Hecklers” part of the lecture was excellent and those members at ACES will never forget No. 34!

A great lecture with a great performer – long may he continue to make us laugh!

© Nicky Moon, Secretary, ACES Magic Society, September 2008






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