The Wayne Goodman Lecture

The Surrey Society of Magicians

20th June 2019

Reviewed by Chris Wardle

Wayne Goodman is a highly-experienced performer who has ‘been there, done that’ and so his lecture was not just about tricks – and there were many effects – but was also sprinkled with lots of advice, bits of business and anecdotes. This offered us a rich evening of workable magic, where the pitfalls had been ironed out and the little wrinkles, which make a trick so much more effective, were well-thought through and finely routined.

Of particular note were a lovely sponge ball sequence where a child echoes the performer and apparently vanishes and produces a sponge from the performer’s ear, a subtlety on a utility move which enabled jumbo items, such as a coin, to be concealed and produced more freely and Wayne’s very funny and commercial ‘Lord of the Bling’ borrowed ring routine, which has been marketed.

Wayne peppers his lecture with lots of comedy and whilst, by his own admission, some of his material will divide his audience, there were many one-liners to enjoy. It is not surprising therefore that Wayne has written three comedy books for magicians, which have recently been released as one volume, 'The Complete Comedy Magician's Joke File'. Wayne also has several other marketed items, perhaps the most well-known being ‘Look Sharp’, all of which are highly-commercial and well-worth tracking down.

If you are seeking an engaging and wide-ranging lecture for your society, I recommend that you ‘look sharp’ and book Wayne Goodman!

© Chris Wardle, July 2019