The Wayne Goodman Lecture

The Gathering

1st September 2021

Reviewed by Steve Majes (The Tricky Twister) MMC

It was The Gathering’s first meeting in over a year and what a fantastic start. Wayne’s lecture was scheduled for 8pm but on my arrival at 7.20pm Wayne was already if full flow entertaining the early arrivals. By the time 8pm came around it felt like we had already had a fantastic lecture.

Wayne is just the loveliest bloke you could meet, within minutes he will have you laughing and questioning your mental awareness of magic; it’s no wonder he is such a busy working magician.

Wayne’s lecture was a variety of fun, visual, mental and puzzling effects. From comic presentations and adapted “self-working” effects to subtleties and techniques he uses in his sleight of hand work, it was a complete feast of magic to suite everyone's taste (with many “Dad jokes” along the way lol).

There was no fluff in this lecture, every effect had been worked in the real world, and when I say worked, Wayne takes his creations down many avenues and plays around with the themes and methods so that the same effect could play to a group of children, a parlour performance, or a corporate promotion. Working magicians can see the immediate value in such effects.

Wedding entertainment is one of Wayne’s biggest markets and he hit upon this lucrative subject a few times during the evening. He gave some great advice and has also put his years of knowledge, along with tips and tricks, into a new book “Weddings….I Do”. Just hearing his stories and truths around the wedding business gave me good reason to buy the book, I think it’s going to be a must read.

Wayne has been a full-time working pro for as long as I can remember, his energy and passion for entertaining is addictive and inspiring, it’s no wonder he pops up on so many working magician's radars. Learning from his experience is time well spent!

© Steve Majes (The Tricky Twister) MMC, September 2021