An Audience with The Count
Thursday 9th June
Merlin Magical Society
Reviewed by Michael Chandler

Atmospheric music, a Goth backdrop and a lit candle welcomed the audience when they attended Ali Card bra's “An Audience With The Count” on Thursday 9th of June at the Merlin Magical Society.

Anticipation for the show was high as previous performances by Ali Cardabra (Paul Buonocore) have always exceeded expectations. The audience were not to be disappointed. The Count, an immaculately dressed Bela Lugosi figure, performed a slick show in which one effect seamlessly merged into the next. All effects had the stamp of originating from a truly creative mind and yet, as we learnt from the lecture that followed, were relatively straight forward to make up and perform.

The hour long show, in which all volunteers were treated with the courtesy and manners that you would expect from an aristocrat, had something for everyone. I find it difficult to highlight any of the effects because they were all of such a superb standard. However, my favourite one was “Voodoo” and this is the effect that Paul used recently to win the prestigious Clifford Morrow Cup. A figure was delicately cut out of paper which was given, with the scissors, to an audience member. After a plain white handkerchief was displayed the volunteer was asked to cut the head or any of the limbs off. This was a truly free choice. Imagine the surprise when the handkerchief was seen to now have a matching figure with the chosen human part removed.

This was truly a show, followed by a highly informative lecture, that had something for everyone. If your club is looking to fill your programme with something exceptional I would highly recommend Ali Cardabra's “The Count”.


© Michael Chandler, June 2011