Bradford Magic Circle 'Hey Presto' Magic Show
Bingley Arts Centre
30th April 2022
Reviewed by Ray Roberts

The Bradford Magic Circle Hey Presto Magic Show is a yearly family show, which this year took place on Saturday the 30th of April in the Bingley Arts Centre with an audience of approximately two hundred. Craig Petty made an offstage announcement to introduce the first act Deanna Gore, the eldest daughter of magician Steve Gore. Deanna has been attending dance classes most of her life but in recent times has concentrated on interpreting dance using the Arial hoop and silks, at which she has become very efficient. This proficiency allowed her to start the first half of the show with the Arial hoop and the second half with the Arial silks very effectively indeed.

Craig Petty was the compere for the evening, interacting straight away with the audience and establishing a rapport on his first appearance. He used his time on stage very efficiently performing good effects in-between each act, which included vanishing beer bottle in paper bag, a Rubikís Cube effect, cards across, and cards over the head without the sword, etc.

The second act was Taylor Morgan, another act that was to make two appearances. Taylor is a young magician who in addition to representing the British Ring of the IBM in FISM Europe Championships has worked in Spain for a while, and is now carving out a career in circus and holiday camps. His first appearance made good use of his manipulation skills with cards and billiard balls registering well with the audience.

Yours truly was the second magic act on. Craig introduced me as having performed magic for many, many, many years and making my twelfth appearance in this yearís show, allowing me to walk on stage to a tremendous welcome. I performed a predominantly silent act consisting of torn and restored news paper, Pavelís Blendo full of holes, and a coloured rings on rope effect. I closed using my electric guitar featuring a very poorly played, happy birthday with audience participation to a member who was fourteen that day and a few other things I will not spoil in print to close.

Rod Willams who is a light hearted mentalist registered very well with his effects especially his card revelation using a lady from the audience, and his mobile phone. This brought the first half to a close, sending the audience to the interval in a very good frame of mind.

After Deannaís second opening act Craig had an extended spot. Using four men from the audience he had four cards selected which were then revealed using comedy centered around the Village people and the song YMCA!

John Hotowka started his career as a close-up performer in restaurants. He won the British Ring Close-up competition, with a finish producing a hat full of coins of the realm. He was a very successful trade show performer, before becoming a professional motivation speaker using his magic as a vehicle to promote his message. On the show John successfully performed cut and restored rope where a member of the audience took the praise for the final restoration, a block of wood through the head of the spectator was performed with some very nice touches honed over many performances. John sent the helper back to his seat with a box of chocolates. John closed with a cod explanation of the torn and restored news paper to a large round of applause.

Taylor Morgan closed the show with a floating linking ring effect, before producing his assistant from a burning casket. His assistant continued with body burning and fire eating Gipsy thread was performed with a child sat on the apron of the stage. Taylorís final illusion was the substitution trunk.

Thanks must go to the Bingley Arts Centre theatre staff, Bradford Magic Circle Members: Steve Hord show organiser and stage manager, Stage crew Prompt side Dennis Calvert, stage right Phil Howarth, Sound Mark Jordan, Lighting Toby Davies and photographer Gillian Grice for a job well done.

© Ray Roberts, 2022